Q: Now I have the Hardware, Do You have A Quick Start Guide?


You'll need to connect the Global Cache IP2SL to your wired network using a CAT5 cable.

Also connect the IP2SL to the serial port on your Meridian Audio equipment.

Then plug the IP2SL into its plug-top power pack, or ensure that your IP2SL-P has a POE source.


Make sure you have the Meridian item you've just connected set as the system 'Controller'. In a surround system this will default to the surround controller, such as the 861, G68 or G61. In these systems simply put the system in standby, get your existing MSR+ remote control, point it at the Surround Controller, and press the 'Clear' button. Your surround controller should then state 'Controller' on it's front panel display.


Download the vMSR application from the app store.

Run the vMSR app, and the Connection Icon should flash Amber for up to 30 seconds while it looks for the Global Cache IP2SL, then go solid green to show you are connected.

Select a Source on the vMSR which relates to a source you know is configured as 'in use' on your Meridian Controller. This source should activate and you should see the Source, DSP mode and Volume shown on the vMSR feedback window.

Should you wish to access the alternative key functions simply press the 'Function Key'. This will light up blue, and highlight the buttons which will now send function commands rather than their normal commands. Particularly useful for the cursor keys to access the DSP parameters on an 861 for example. Press the 'Function Key' again to revert back to normal operation and extinguish the blue highlights.