Buying The Hardware Required


You're going to need a Global Caché iTach RS232 to Network convertor, to enable the iPad vMSR application to 'talk' to the Meridian Controller. There are two options from Global Caché which are supported by the vMSR application:



A compact Network to RS232 convertor, complete with a plug-top power supply.

Details of the IP2SL on the Global Caché website.



This is exactly the same as the IP2SL, with the added feature of Power Over Ethernet.

To use the POE you'll need a network switch which offers POE output or use a POE injector.

It still comes supplied with the plug-top power supply, just like the IP2SL.

Details on the IP2SL-P on the Global Caché Website.


Where to buy these Global Caché converters:


Audio Images carry the Global Caché IP2SL and IP2SL-P in stock for immediate delivery.

Link to buy the Global Caché on the Audio Images Website.


North America

Click here to access the North American dealer list on the Global Caché website



Click here to access the Rest of the World International distributor list on the Global Caché website