vMSR for Meridian - An iPad application to remote control Meridian Audio equipment

Using vMSR on iPadDeveloped in conjunction with Meridian Audio the vMSR application provides two-way operation of a range of Meridian components from an iPad, over your network.

It offers benefits over the standard MSR or MSR+ Infra-red remote controls in two ways:

Firstly it uses your wireless network to connect to your iPad, allowing control of a Meridian component hidden away in a cupboard where there would be no control from an MSR's Infra-Red.

Secondly it provides feedback from the Meridian equipment up onto the iPad, just like having the Meridian front-panel display in front of you.

Perfectly suited to Meridian 861, G68 and G61 processors, this feedback allows adjustment of DSP parameters such as Bass, Treble, Depth, Width, Lip-sync and the ability to adjust the system calibration all from your seating position.


How it Works:

A compact interface box is required to convert the network information from your iPad, to the RS232 Serial interface present on many Meridian components.

There are many such boxes on the market, but the vMSR application uses one from the Global Caché range, specifically the iTach IP2SL which offers the features required and has proved to be a reliable product.

The IP2SL connects to a wired port on your network, and then to the RS232 port on the Meridian component using a null-modem RS232 cable, like the one supplied originally with your Meridian equipment that's used during configuration.

The IP2SL also requires power from the supplied plug-top power supply, or another version is available the IP2SL-P which can be powered over the ethernet cable should your network switch offer this POE ability.

All that's left is to download the free vMSR application and run it, no other configuration is required. The vMSR finds the IP2SL on the network and sets its RS232 port ready for use.